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Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q)

Health Declaration

Please fill out the following health declaration form in order to participate in our personal training sessions.

If you are planning to become much more physically active than you are now, start by answering the questions below. If you are between the ages of 15 and 69, the PAR-Q will tell you if you should check with your doctor before you start. If you are over 69 years of age, and you are not used to being very active, check with your doctor anyway.


Common sense is your best guide when you answer these questions. Please read the questions carefully and answer each one honestly.

Are you experiencing any flu like symptoms? Has your doctor ever said that you should not do any strenuous physical activity? Have you ever felt pain in your chest when exercising? Have you experienced chest pain, shortness of breath, dizzy spells or loss of consciousness when not exercising or under mild exertion?
Do you have a bone or joint problem, such as arthritis, that could be aggravated or made worse by exercise? Do you have high or low blood pressure? Are you currently on any prescribed medication? Are you pregnant or have you had a baby in the last 6 months?
Do you know of any other reasons that would affect your ability to participate in physical activity?

Thanks for submitting!

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