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This is where you’ll find our frequently asked questions, links to websites and other resources (from titans of the health & fitness industry) that we find useful or have inspired us in our own training. We will update this list often, so remember to check back soon!

  • Where can I train with Fabio?
    There are two in-person locations where you can train with Fabio. FwF City Fight City Gym (Moorgate) 15 Worship Street EC2A 2DT FwF South FCG Balham 57-59 Balham High Road SW12 9AW Alternatively, you can train online with Fabio via video call, or make it a hybrid of online and in-person.
  • Will I need specialist equipment?
    For online training, you will require your own equipment. The equipment required will depend upon the nature of the training you'd like to receive. If in doubt, ask Fabio. For in-person training at the Fight City gyms, equipment will be available.
  • What if I need to cancel a session?
    Our booking and cancellation policy is fair and flexible. Online sessions can be cancelled up to 1 hour before and in-person sessions can be cancelled up to 3 hours before. If you need to cancel a session, let us know as soon as you possibly can so we can reschedule. Extenuating circumstances will be taken into account, but we'd recommend you don't make a habit of cancelling sessions as we want to help you see results as quickly as possible!
  • How do I book sessions?
    Currently, you cannot book individual sessions via the website, but you should buy one of our training plans then contact fabio on +44 (0)7875 231400 or email to arrange your initial consultation and first session. Check out our list of health & fitness services to see what your training plan could include.
  • Is Fabio a qualified trainer and coach?
    Yes, indeed. Fabio holds degrees in Sports & Exercise Science and Strength & Conditioning. He is also pursuing a degree in Psychology. He holds a black belt in Taekwondo (STF) and has over 25 years' experience in coaching and personal training. You can find out more about Fabio here.
  • Is there an expiry date on training plans?
    We recommend that all plans (both 10 and 20-session plans) take place over no more than 3 months from the point of purchase. This is how we'll achieve the results you are looking for. Of course, should a situation arise that disrupts your training, we will take that into account to ensure you're treated fairly.
  • How can I pay for my personal training plan?
    You can pay online securely via the website using a debit or credit card. You can also pay by cash, cheque or bank transfer if you're unable to make an online payment.
  • When can I start my fitness training?
    We can get started more or less straightaway. Simply read our personal training agreement, buy your plan via the website, complete the short Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) and get in touch with Fabio to schedule your initial consultation. After we've figured out what you're looking to achieve and how our training services can get you there, we can get started with your training plan, either online, in the gym or a hybrid of the two.
  • How often should I train?
    We recommend at least 2 sessions a week with Fabio, supplemented by your own personal training, which we will plan with you at the start. It's best not to overdo it so it's important to factor in rest days.
  • Do I need to have a basic level of strength and fitness before I start training?
    No. Our bespoke training plans are tailored to your individual goals and capabilities. While we will push you and help you achieve more than you thought possible, we will not ask you to do anything that you cannot do or that could put you at the risk of injury. Check out our list of health & fitness services to see the kind of thing your personal training plan might include.
  • What should I wear when I'm training?
    Normal gym attire is fine. Loose fitting activewear is great if you're doing lifting and strength training so you'll have freedom of movement. Depending on the nature of your training, you might require a weight belt for extra support or trainers with added foot support, but this will be discussed with you before training commences.
  • Where can I find excellent online exercises, nutrition & performance tips?"
    We recommend ExRx. It's a simple website but it features great content, including exercise libraries, nutrition and performance information, plus many other resources.
  • How can I dramatically increase speed, power and strength?"
    The answer could be with triphasic training. Professor and Coach Cal Dietz rocks!
  • Which fitness/mindset coaches should I follow?
    If you haven't heard of Louis Simmons yet, check him out. Yes, those guys! His website needs an update, but the guy is an encyclopedia. And wise, very wise. I'm not sure if he lifts, but he can teach a lot about the mind. Check his work out.
  • Where can I find free fitness material?
    Mostly a sale point for his system, however, you can find plenty of free material. If you can afford to, we’d recommend you do his workshop.
  • Can you recommend any health & fitness books?
    Dr. Aaron Horschig is an authority in mobility. Plus, he is a very humble guy. Check his “Rebuilding Milo”. Becoming a Supple Leopard by Kelly Starret: The Glute Lab – Bret Contreras & Glen Cordosa. Book and website –
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We are always happy to work with you to create a fully customised fitness plan based on your training goals and budget.

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"Not only is Fabio a great trainer but also a great guy. Very friendly, very flexible and helps you achieve great results. If you're committed to getting fit, Fabio will support you all the way."

— Ian Dickinson

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